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The genuine goodness of nature

The Baroncini Mirco e Fabio  Dairy Farm in San Bernardino di Lugo (RA) has produced High Quality (Alta Qualità) milk since 1997. 


Starting from 2006, thanks to legislation enacted governing the direct sale of products by farming businessmen and the authorization of the Local Healthcare Unit of Ravenna, we decided to dedicate part of our production to direct sale to the public, thus combining 24-hours-a-day high technology self-service vending machine with the fresh genuineness of a health and natural product such as milk that has just been milked from the cow, which has not been available for customers for many years now.


This initiative was created to meet the increasingly vigorous and growing demand by consumers to rediscover the flavors and authenticity of the past, also giving producers the means to cope with the crisis in the agricultural sector through the development of its own products and membership category. 


befits of the milkMilk is, as a matter of fact, a type of food with a great nutritional value, fundamental to the day-to-day diet. It is, in fact, a complete and balanced food, rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. It is primarily composed of water+D11 (87.3%), lactose (4.8%), fat (3.6%), protein (3.5%), minerals (0.8%), especially calcium and phosphorus, and B, C, A, K, D and PP groups of vitamins. 


On February 25, 2006 the Fratelli Baroncini Mirco e Fabio  dairy farm decided to install in the parking area of the Crai Pagliuti supermarket- on Via Provinciale Felisio, 84 in Lugo – the first stable automatic raw milk vending machine, with fresh milk, daily from our own dairy.  Following the success of this first vending machine, a second one was inaugurated on September 9 of the same year, in the parking lot of the “Punto Verde” shop on via Reale 164 in Alfonsine -, starting from December it was decided to extend this service to the town of Castel Bolognese (on via Contoli, 50), this time with a more technologically advanced device, with a low energy consumption and larger compared to the first. In December of the following year, two vending machines were inaugurated: one in Faenza on viale IV Novembre 29 and the other, not even a year later – in September of 2008 -, always in Faenza on Corso Europa, 99. 


The energy and resourcefulness that have always distinguished the dairy farm led the owners, Mirco and Fabio, to inaugurate a new original and revolutionary project and to "put wheels"  on the already innovative idea of an automatic vending machine. In May 2007 the first and only mobile vending machine of raw milk in Emilia Romagna was inagurated. Highly innovative, like the fixed ones were, and equipped with advanced technology, the itinerant distributor is able to guarantee the perfect preservation of the product, all the while maintaining all of its nutritional virtues unaltered. This innovative  service technology makes it possible to quickly deliver fresh milk directly milked from  the cow to all of the town markets and festivals in the region, a sort of milk cow brought to your home from which you can even get just one nice glass of fresh milk!  


Our customers have seen an added value in these vending machines selling fresh raw milk that  has been milked on that day: a functional service designed to meet the needs of those who are always looking for healthy and natural ingredients, but still want the convenience and security of technology. The vending machine is the perfect combination of quality and efficiency, the ideal solution to enjoy, anywhere at any time, all the wholesome goodness of a natural product such as milk that has just been milked from the cow. 


AUSL despositions for pregnant womenFresh milk has come back to being, as it once was, the undisputed leader player of our tables: the extraordinary difference is that today, unlike then, in order to be able to taste this genuine and healthy product you don’t have to look for a farmer with dairy farm that produces High Quality milk, but you only have to go to one of our Markets or to Buonlatte's shop, at Baroncini's farm.


It is important to remember that raw milk fresh daily is a product that cannot be found in any store and buying it allows you to save as much as 30% compared to "fresh" milk sold in stores. 


Thanks to cutting-edge technology with which they are equipped, the vending machines are always in direct communication with the dairy farmer, to warn if the milk is running low or if there has been any other abnormality. The system is therefore able to guarantee the highest degree of safety, hygiene and traceability at all stages of the production chain of milk: from producer to consumer. 


Unfortunately, in 2013, after several years of the idea enjoying a boom, like all things this too has gone out of fashion, and so, unfortunately, because of this and the economic crisis, we had to shut down the vending machines of Castel Bolognese and Alfonsine which were the furthest away and the least profitable. The following year, also owing to the increase of the costs and the rental expenses being requested, we were oblighed,  to our great regret, to also shut down the two Faenza vending machines. 


How should this milk be stored? In the refrigerator, between 0° and 4°C: by subjecting it to a boil immediately, you can keep the product up to 3 days in the refrigerator, without altering the taste and freshness. This milk can be consumed at will, cold or hot. When it is boiled, this milk produces excellent cream: the difference in taste and quality can be readily tasted also using this milk in preparing cakes, puddings, white sauces, creams as well as ricotta cheeses, cheese and many other preparations.  




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The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The Markets:
  • Farmer's market

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    piazza della Resistenza

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  • Summer Market

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  • Summer Market

    Venerdì sera dalle 17:30 - dal 1/06 al 15/09

    Punta Marina

  • Farmer's market

    Saturday morning

    Bagnacavallo Lugo
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