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Ricotta, despite being a dairy product, cannot be considered as a cheese but must be classified simply as a milk product: indeed it is not obtained through the coagulation of casein, but through milk, specifically by the proteins contained in the milk whey, which is the liquid part of milk that separates from the curd during cheese making.

The process of coagulation of the whey proteins takes place at a high temperature (80-90 ° C): the whey is then literally re-cooked. The concerned proteins are in particular albumin and globulin. The oldest technology consisted only in heating the whey waiting for its denaturation and subsequent surfacing of the ricotta. Over the centuries several technologies have gradually developed that, exploiting the reaction of salt saturation, obtained a better recovery and undisputed quality. These technologies are those associated with the use of spring and/or sea waters yesterday, and today salts for ricotta.

Ricotta has a flavour that turns toward the sweet, due to the lactose which is present in the whey in a quantity ranging from 2-4 percent, depending on the milk used. The fat content ranges from 8% (cow’s milk ricotta) to 24% (sheep cheese).

Ricotta, creamy and velvety, has remarkable nutritional properties and a fat and calorie content which is significantly low.

It is an excellent source of proteins, because it contains the whey proteins of the milk that have a biological value higher than 90, which is higher than the ones in cheese and meat.

Finally, ricotta is a very versatile food: it can be used to produce cakes, main courses, in the cake and bread doughs, as a filling of fresh pasta, in shakes and so on and so forth.

The recipes
Mousse di ricotta e cacao (Fiordilatte)

Mousse di ricotta e cacao (Fiordilatte)

Ingredienti per 4 porzioni: 250 g di ricotta 2 cucchiaio di cacao 4 cucchiaio di zucchero a velo vanigliato 1 tappino di rum 2 cucchiaino di maizena-amido di mais 2 bustine di...
 Crema ricotta e cacao al brandy

 Crema ricotta e cacao al brandy

Ingredienti: 100 g di ricotta 1 cucchiaio e mezzo di zucchero a velo 1 cucchiaio di cacao (anche di più se vi piace) 2 cucchiai di Brandy Preparazione: Lavorate con una frusta la...
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The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

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