Squacquerone D.O.P.

Squacquerone D.O.P. di Romagna
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Squacquerone (also called squacquero or squacquarone or squaqquerone) is a typical Romagna cheese, now spread throughout Emilia-Romagna (although most experts considers it as originating from the Romagna hills, on the border with the province of Bologna), with very ancient origins. The name harks back to he dialect word “squaquaron”, indicating the high "watery characteristics" of this cheese which, being very soft, tends to take the shape of the object in which it is contained; it is very similar to stracchino or crescenza, but its consistency is more liquid and there is no crust. It has a sweet and delicate milk flavour, even more than stracchino.

It is produced throughout the year, from whole cow's milk, and its colour is white. As it is an extremely soft cheese, it can be easily spread. It is not seasoned, and therefore it must be eaten within a few days after production.

Squacquerone D.O.P. certificated is producted with milk exclusively from Romagna, obtained only by Friesian cows, native enzymes, no feed in alimentation of dairy cows and cows are only fed with farm products, absolutely withouth preservatives.

It is one of the "par excellence" products which fills the piadina flat breads, another typical product of the Romagna lands, but it's also excellent when it is spread on focaccia or bread, it can enrich timbales and crepes and is a very good condiment for pasta.

It goes well with delicate white wines but of personality, such as the Colli Romagna Centrale DOC or the Romagna Pagadebit.

The recipes


Ingredienti per 4 persone: Sale fino 30 gr Lievito in polvere 16 gr Bicarbonato 6 gr Strutto raffinato 180 gr Acqua tiepida per un impasto...


Ingredienti per 4 persone: Formaggio squacquerone Insalata rucola Olio d'oliva 1 pizzico di peperoncino Pasta tipo qualsiasi Procedimento: Metti in una zuppiera il formaggio,...
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The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

The love for nature is our Quality

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